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All | 31 Jul 2023
  In recent years, the Korean perm has gained significant popularity in the world of hair styling, attracting individuals seeking a trendy, effortless, and chic look. Derived from South Korea’s vibrant beauty industry, the Korean perm offers a unique approach to traditional perms, providing a distinct set of characteristics and advantages. In this article, we […]
All | 31 Jul 2023
Everyone cherishes a special relationship with their hair – a means of self-expression whether through a high-maintenance look or a well-maintained style. But achieving the perfect hair goes beyond mere self-care; it necessitates the expertise and care provided by a salon. Not just any salon, however, but one that exudes luxury. Enter Suchewa by Ted, […]
All | 26 Jul 2023
When it comes to transforming your hair’s texture, perming and rebonding are two popular options. Both techniques of perming and rebonding offer distinct results, and now there’s a rising trend that combines the best of both: volume rebonding. In this article, we will delve into the specific differences between these perming and rebonding techniques, discuss […]
All | 05 Jun 2023
There’s nothing a woman desires more than having soft, healthy, and gorgeous hair. Unfortunately, this doesn’t come easy most of the time. Dealing with persistent frizz and unruly tresses, many of us struggle frequently to tame our hair and maintain its beauty. Thankfully, there are specialized treatments designed to tackle this issue, namely rebonding and […]
All | 26 May 2023
The journey to having beautiful, healthy, and vibrant hair is a never-ending quest. Although discovering suitable hair products and adhering to a consistent regimen can work wonders, nothing compares to indulging in lavish hair treatments at a salon. These treatments not only bring back the radiance and improve the overall well-being of your hair, but […]
All | 17 May 2023
A good hair day is so much more than having hair that sits in place.  Your hair is a reflection of your personality and style, but keeping it looking good can be a real challenge. Between hectic schedules, weather changes, and the constant use of heat styling tools, it’s no wonder that maintaining healthy and […]
All | 26 Apr 2023
Everyone has an inherent desire to express ourselves and showcase our unique personalities. At Suchehwa, we believe your hair is a canvas that you can style and personalise to reflect your individuality. Just like your fashion choices, your hair can make a statement about who you are. Whether you prefer a short, edgy cut, long […]