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Milbon Treatment (Moisture)

Repeated colouring services can leave your hair dull, dry, brittle, or porous. Specifically designed to address these problems, this Milbon treatment both replenishes moisture to the hair and enhances the vibrancy of its colour.


Treatment Process

  1. Consultation: Our stylist will assess your hair condition to ensure that the treatment is most suitable for your needs.


  1. Shampooing: The hair is shampooed thoroughly to remove dirt.


  1. Priming: The priming solution is applied to the hair to increase the penetrating power of the moisturising solutions.


  1. Moisturising: The moisture repair foam and cream are applied to the middle and ends of the hair.


  1. Sealing & Coating: The moisture sealer and cuticle coat are rubbed into the hair, providing a moisturizing finish.


  1. Styling: After the hair is rinsed and towel-dried, the weightless replenishing mist is applied to the hair before it is blow-dried and styled to perfection.


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