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Korean Suchehwa Treatment

Whether your hair has been damaged by heat, bleaching, or environmental factors, our Suchehwa Treatment provides the intensive care needed to bring it back to life. Specifically formulated to repair damaged hair, the treatment restores and improves hair elasticity, strengthens hair bonds, and binds the hair’s proteins- all without the strong heat or harsh chemicals found in other treatments.


Treatment Process

  1. Consultation: Our stylist will assess your hair and scalp condition to ensure that the treatment is most suitable for your needs.


  1. Shampoo: The hair is shampooed and washed to remove any product or dirt build up.


  1. Strengthening: A strengthening gel containing collagen protein and hyaluronic acid is applied to both moisturise and increase elasticity for the hair.


  1. Priming: Premium R primer is sprayed onto the hair to protect it from heat, making it shinier and stronger in the process.


  1. Hydrating: Colour Clinic’s water silk protein is applied and the hair is misted to boost hydration.


  1. Styling: A treatment cream is applied and more primer is sprayed before the hair is styled.


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